We take our responsibilities as a manufacturer very seriously. As such, we have a comprehensive structure to sustainability. We are responsible for our people. We have comprehensive company health and safety, protecting the health of our employees and optimising working conditions. We engage our employees in training and development.

Case Study

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Not only do we offer Marpak Green but we also proactively offer down-gauging and weight reduction, which in turn protects natural resources, and offers direct reduction in CO2 emissions during production and further reductions during transport. We also offer life cycle assessments to our customers.

We helped a large packaging supplier make substantial cost savings through using Total’s advanced metallocene blend. This film is just as strong as the previously used material with the same mechanical properties, but thinner. By using this material we were able to down-gauge it’s film to 80mu and therefore make huge cost savings across all their sites.

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