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Goods of any shape and size spend much of their life on a pallet between the factory and the store shelf. It is essential that the product in question is protected as much as possible from dangers such as moisture damage, abrasion or theft. As well as the safety within warehouses and the increased requirement to protect goods, there has been a drastic improvement in multi-national trade and logistics. The development of the International E-Road Network and the spread of High Speed Rail across the European mainland have ensured that businesses are able to transport goods further with much more efficiency and reliability.

Without adequate protection to goods during transit, the transportation of high-value items across vast oceans and huge continents would not be possible. At the heart of global trade is the technology behind its process.

At Marpak Extrusions we are always looking at ways in which we can work with our clients to reduce the cost of their operations. Our packaging solutions are designed with quality and efficiency as a priority and this ultimately helps our clients run a more efficient supply chain

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