Shrink, non-shrink film & stretch hood

Without the correct protection products can become compromised during storage or during transportation, leading to damaged and unsellable goods, potentially costly claims and a loss of trust in the brand. At Marpak we offer bespoke solutions to our customers based on their products and our experience.

Shrink Pallet Covers

Shrink-wrap pallet covers or shrink hoods are placed over the product and shrunk to completely seal and protect the pallet. This offers comprehensive protection for our customers’ products.

Not only do they provide load stability and pallet protection during transportation, they also protect the product from contaminants.

Non-Shrink Pallet Covers

Also referred to as dust covers. They are easier to apply as they can be applied manually without the requirement of heat-treating machinery.

Non-shrink covers are ideal for fast paced working environments such as construction sites, warehouses and other industrial facilities. Goods can be covered and uncovered efficiently during use. Whilst unsuitable for the transportation of goods, nonetheless they provide basic protection for the product.

Stretch Hooding

Stretch hoods are now one of the fastest growing solutions for pallet protection. Spanning across a wide range of industries, including white goods and the building industry, this type of protection is cost effective and incredibly efficient for securing bulky units and loads.

It can protect the pallet from contaminants and provide a good holding force for the transportation of goods.

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