Make moving less stressful with specialist plastic wrap for furniture

Why specialist plastic wrap is best for your furniture

Moving house remains one of the most stressful undertakings we experience as functioning adults. According to its 2015 national property survey, Which? reported that 70% of 1,990 respondents found moving house stressful. One contributing factor is the physical relocation of your property from one residence to another. Specialist plastic wrap for furniture can help.

Whenever you’re preparing to move furniture and other delicate items, a lot of thought has to be put into protecting those items from damage. You might be undertaking a house move for yourself or you might be in the home removal business. You might manufacture furniture for delivery. Either way, the possibilities of damage to delicate workmanship and fine finishing are almost endless.

So what are the best kinds of plastic wrap for furniture, and what should you look for?

Shrink wrap: airtight and adaptable but mind its slipperiness

Polythene shrink wrap is a good solution for many items. It can protect wooden furniture from superficial damage. It can also help to keep parts in place and prevent doors from swinging open.

The greatest strength of shrink wrap is its airtight quality. It’s also adaptable, making it a useful all-purpose wrapper. Whether it’s a piano or a sofa, plastic shrink wrap fits tightly round an item to protect it from moisture or dust.

The drawbacks? If the shrink wrap is made from poor-quality plastic or is incorrectly fitted, trapped moisture can damage furniture. Shrink wrap can also be slippery to carry and needs removing carefully, otherwise further damage is a risk. Reuse of polythene shrink wrap is unlikely so it can also be wasteful, although greener options do exist to minimise environmental harm.

“If the shrink wrap is made from poor-quality plastic or is incorrectly fitted, trapped moisture can damage furniture.”

Overall, shrink wrap is a great solution for covering many items, particularly upholstered items that are at risk of dust or staining. It’s ideal for oddly-shaped items too, so if you’ve got a grand piano to cover, shrink wrap could be your friend.

Specialised furniture covers, ready for use

Specialist plastic wrap for furniture is another great solution to keeping items safe in transit. The mattress and furniture industry is already an extensive users of such covers, allowing products to be delivered in perfect condition, ready for use. They’re easy to use and quick to unwrap again on delivery.

The great advantage of these products is they’re ready to go. A specialist polythene cover can be slipped onto a mattress in moments, making them brilliant for use in storage and transportation. For prolonged storage, be sure to use covers with airtight seals.

“A specialist polythene cover can be slipped onto a mattress in moments, making them brilliant for use in storage and transportation.”

It’s not only beds and mattresses either. Furniture covers are available for single, double, and three-seater sofas together with numerous other shapes and sizes.

Reducing the risk of damage

Transport and storage are high-risk areas for furniture. With the best will in the world, a warehouse is always at risk of dust, water damage, and pests. Items in transit are continually at risk of a sudden knock or jolt. Even if furniture reaches its destination unscathed, it then needs carrying into the property.

Plastic wrapping furniture may seem like unnecessary additional expense, but transportation remains the biggest cause of damage to goods, of all types, prior to delivery. And with large, cumbersome items such as beds and sofas, the risks are greater due to excessive manhandling and the need for occasional storage.

Good quality furniture with a fine polished finish is particularly sensitive to bangs and bashes. Upholstered items are vulnerable in dusty environments. In each instance, damage can be reduced significantly when a good quality plastic wrap is used.

Marpak Extrusions has been building its experience in the blown film extrusion market for over thirty years. With our frequently pioneering, technical solutions, we’ve built up an impressive track-record of meeting our customers’ transport and storage needs. We supply plastic wrap for furniture and mattress covers in all the standard bed sizes and dimensions. We can also manufacture them bespoke to your specifications, providing the best available protection to products through haulage and storage, every inch of the way.

To find out more about our specialist plastic wrap for furniture, get in touch online or call us on 0113 277 5518

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