Product Feature: Our Range of Pallet Covers

When it comes to pallet covers, there’s certainly a lot you need to consider. Thankfully Marpak have you covered no matter what industry you’re in, with pallet covers that have been meticulously designed to meet the most rigorous of industry demands.

Whether you’re transporting goods or storing them, you can rest assured that we’ve created pallet covers that will get your goods from ‘a’ to ‘b’ safely and securely. Here are just a few of the reasons why you’ll be as impressed with our pallet covers as we are.

Heat Shrink Covers That Won’t Destabilise Your Load

It goes without saying that heat shrink pallet covers must ensure quality, but one way you can tell your heat shrink pallet cover isn’t up to the test is when it destabilises your goods. Pallets need to be transported across numerous surfaces at speed, with every moment lost equalling lost revenue. The last thing you need is a pallet cover that renders loads unstable.

It isn’t just the risk of delay or damaged goods that you should be concerned about, but the health and safety of those who will be removing the covers. The trick is in ensuring the right amount of down gauging without compromising quality. At Marpak, we invest heavily in research and development to achieve heat shrink pallet covers that keep your palletised goods and those who handle them safe at every level.

Non-Shrink Covers to Protect from the Environment

Unlike heat shrink pallet covers, there’s no need for machinery to keep your goods safe. Non-shrink pallet covers are ideally suited to warehouses, construction sites, storage facilities, or any number of outdoor working areas where you need to protect products from the hazards at hand.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re storing goods in a dusty, dirty, or fume-laden environment or whether you need to protect them from the wind, rain, or snow. At Marpak we are proud of the protection our non-shrink pallet covers offer and put just as much care into their manufacture as we do with our heat shrink covers.

It’s All in the Polythene

Polythene is the last word in protecting palletised products. At Marpak, we choose polythene for its impressive impact resistance. However, we also choose polythene for its weather resistance, safety in handling, lack of reaction to chemicals, and ability to be recycled.

Last but not least, polythene is half the weight of wood, resulting in reduced shipping costs. Our decision to use polythene also allows us to adhere rigorously to strict BRC standards. All of these factors mean you’re choosing peace of mind when you’re choosing a Marpak pallet cover.

Choosing Between Gusseted or Centrefold Pallet Covers

In terms of quality and durability, we manufacture all of our pallet covers to the same high standard. This means your decision to invest in a gusseted or centrefold pallet cover is almost entirely down to personal taste.

That being said, if you’re required to print product details on your pallet cover, gusseted pallet covers are ideal. If you’re not using Registered Print for such details, you can choose to print on a centrefold pallet cover. In this instance the printing will appear at random every 100mm.

When You Need a Lot of Pallet Covers

Although we’re more than happy to supply individual pallet covers, we also have a large number of happy customers who need access to a large number of pallet covers 24/7. To cater for this, we offer rolls of perforated pallet covers that can be easily separated to protect your goods.

From here it’s a simple matter of your staff raising the pallet to a position where they have easy access to the underside. Then they can simply pull the pallet cover across the whole load and down under the bottom corners of the pallet. Efficiency is keen to running a smooth business, and our job is to get your goods to their destination as quickly and safely as possible.

For more information about our range of products, get in touch today by calling 0843 289 0273 or contact us online. 

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