Centrefold,multifold and single wound sheeting

As leading polythene film extruders we understand that packaging fills an essential role in modern supply chain logistics, securing and protecting goods that travel increasingly long distances between the manufacturer and customer.

The value of the transported goods is often high and if damaged or contaminated the value of these goods is a direct loss to the manufacturer, from both a financial perspective as well as from a reputational standpoint.


Our blend of polythene sheeting can be used to service an extensive range of markets including construction, agricultural, home appliances, as well as furniture and mattress markets.

Single Wound, Centrefold, And Multifold Sheeting

Our polythene sheeting can be supplied on rolls/reels and can be manufactured as single wound (one continuous sheet) or perforated on the roll/reel, dependent on the customer’s specification.

Mattress and Furniture Covers

We manufacture and supply a vast range of polythene mattress and furniture covers for use in storage and transportation, and work with some of the largest brands in the UK, significantly reducing their packaging costs. Whilst we manufacture generic sizes we can also produce bespoke sizes to meet your specific requirements.

Top Sheets / Base Sheets

We also supply polythene top and base sheets to our customers, to protect items on the pallet from water damage, dust and damp. The sheets are supplied on a roll.

Lay flat tubing

This product is ideal for packaging for products with abnormal or long dimensions. It is used extensively in factories and warehouses and allows the user to package different individual objects using the same roll of tubing. LFT is easy to use and a cost effective way to package your goods with or without automated machinery. The tubing can be heat sealed, stapled, tied, or taped at either end to complete the process.

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