Furniture and Mattress covers


Furniture and Mattress Covers

We manufacture and supply a vast range of polythene mattress and furniture covers for use in storage and transportation.

While Marpak manufactures mattress covers to standard bed sizes and dimensions, we can also produce bespoke sizes to meet your specific requirements.


Our range of polythene furniture covers are able to protect products including single, double and three seater sofas and are suitable for a wide range of industries.


Our range of polythene covers is an ideal solution for furniture and mattress manufacturers to protect their goods from the elements in both warehousing and transportation.


Transportation is largely responsible for the damage of goods of all shapes and sizes. Mattresses and furniture are particularly sensitive to dust, dirt and damage to shape, all of which can be significantly reduced when appropriately covered.


We manufacture all of our polythene covers to tailor to each customer’s requirements and the service we provide offers mattress and furniture manufacturers a high quality, full service solution to package and protect their products throughout storage and distribution.


We currently work with a number of large furniture and mattress manufacturers in the UK and Europe, with our product development savings them millions of pounds in damaged goods and returns


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