Shrink and Non-Shrink


Shrink Covers

Shrink Wrap is a clear plastic film that isn’t able to stretch. Shrink covers are usually perfect for professionally packaging items, ensuring that they are protected from tampering and other damage. Usually, shrink wrap is used to wrap individual items, but it can also be used to keep multiple things together.

Heat can be applied to shrink wrap in order for it to fit the item perfectly, keeping everything securely contained. This heat can be applied via heat gun or via a larger heat tunnel.

Marpak’s heat shrink pallet covers offer unbeatable protection of your palletised goods. We have invested in research & development, and this allow us to offer superior load stability whilst down gauging without affecting the high quality of the pallet cover.


Shrink-wrap pallet covers or shrink hoods are placed over the product and shrunk to completely seal and protect the pallet. This offers comprehensive protection for our customers’ products.

Not only do they provide load stability and pallet protection during transportation, they also protect the product from contaminants.



Non-Shrink Covers

Non-shrink covers are handy because they are stretchy and require no heat application, meaning that there is minimal effort involved when protecting your pallet. Non-shrink covers are extremely easy to use, with no machinery required for application.

Due to how easy it is to apply, non-shrink pallet covers are ideal for protecting your products quickly from things like dust, dirt or rain. These are ideal for construction sites, warehouses, storage facilities and other outdoor working areas at risk from weather.

As the products you want to protect are wrapped in the stretchy non-shrink film, tension is then applied to the wrap as it is brought round the items several times. The wrap then clings to itself, meaning that it maintains excellent hold and offers the ultimate protection.


Also referred to as dust covers. They are easier to apply as they can be applied manually without the requirement of heat-treating machinery. Non-shrink covers are ideal for fast paced working environments, such as construction sites, warehouses and other industrial facilities. Goods can be covered and uncovered efficiently during use. Whilst unsuitable for the transportation of goods, they provide basic protection for the product.


Shrink Hoods

We can produce shrink hoods for pallet protection, for automated machines or for manual handling. The product can be supplied as a jumbo reel or perforated on the reel. Our hoods provide load stability and pallet protection during transportation, as well as protecting the product from contamination. – Photo of goods on forklift truck.

Stretch Hoods

Stretch hoods are now one of the fastest growing solutions for pallet protection. Spanning across a wide range of industries, including white goods and the building industry, this type of protection is cost effective and incredibly efficient in securing bulky units and loads. Stretch hoods protect the pallet from contaminants and provide a very good holding force for the transportation of goods.

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