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Marpak Green is an environmentally-friendly polymer made from sugarcane, a 100% renewable and recyclable resource from Brazil. 

Reducing Emissions


We take our responsibilities as a manufacturer very seriously. As such, we have a comprehensive structure to our sustainability approach.


We are responsible for our people. We have a comprehensive company health and safety policy, protecting the health of our employees and optimising working conditions. We engage our employees in training and development.


We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Not only do we offer a four tier sustainability objective to our customers, including Marpak Green but we also proactively offer down-gauging and weight reduction, which in turn protects natural resources and offers a direct reduction in CO2 emissions during production and further reductions during transport. We also offer life cycle assessments to our customers

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Bio-polymers – Marpak Green

We offer our clients the possibility of environmentally sustainable polymer. This would include Marpak Green (Braskem).

Marpak Extrusions is one of the first film producers in the UK to offer polythene packaging using Braskem’s revolutionary polymer, Green PE.


The product, which has received acclaim and awards worldwide, is obtained from a renewable source, sugarcane ethanol. This initiative highlights our commitment to minimising the impact that supply chain activities have on the environment.


Given our market leading status, introducing Green PE-based packaging into our product mix sends out a clear message of intent, which is indicative of the direction in which the company must move in the coming years

the company logo, marpak green extrusions

Down-gauging - Reduction in plastics

Marpak is committed to working with its customers in order to promote continued down-gauging. Our sales staff have the knowledge to be able to down-gauge a product successfully without putting the consumer at risk, maintaining the mechanical properties of the film whilst reducing its weight.


We work closely with our suppliers, including major polymer producers. The close relationships we have built enable us to reach new levels of quality whilst offering down-gauging opportunities to our customers.


“ Marpak has a dedicated research team committed to the continual development of our products, which allows us to downgauge our material without compromising load stability.”

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Environmentally Aware

Chemical Recycling - Renewable Feedstock

We are to be able to offer the customer renewable feedstock. Currently, our suppliers are exploring this and can offer certain polymer grades.

Mechanical recycling – Recycled Material

The ability to offer our customers recycled material.


We are able to offer our customers a closed loop economy, whereby we will collect our customers waste polythene and recycle it into an alternative product. We fully believe in reducing plastic and projecting a responsible business ethos towards the environment.

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