Food Grade Products


Food Grade Products

As one of the leading plastic food packaging manufacturers in the UK, we understand food-grade polythene should form an essential part of your food safety management system. This system is crucial for preventing cross-contamination and food poisoning.


Basic food hygiene standards have to be adhered to throughout the manufacturing stage through to stocking the products on the shelves. As a consequence, there are significant legal obligations for anyone who manufactures or supplies food.


As a food manufacturer or trader, you have a duty to be aware of the laws surrounding food hygiene and it is vital that these laws are maintained throughout your supply chain. This means obtaining the most suitable packaging materials for the storage and transportation of your products.


Food grade polyethylene film can be used to protect the quality, freshness and life of your product, as well as your brand.

Our food grade polythene is manufactured according to BRC standards. Food grade polythene can be used throughout production, storage and distribution and can also be manufactured to specifications suitable for use on fully automated production lines.


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