Our commitment to innovation drives the manufacture of our products. Every film, cover, and wrap is expertly designed using a combination of industry experience and premium blown film extrusion, while stringent quality testing ensures the high-performance, award-winning plastics you know and trust.

Industries Served

Polyethylene Packaging

Without the correct protection, products can become compromised during storage or during transportation, leading to damaged and unsellable goods, potential costly claims and a loss of trust in the brand. At Marpak we take our responsibility seriously. We offer our customers bespoke solutions with a clear understanding of the demands the products endure. Our sales staff’s experience during this process is vital.

As leading polythene film extruders, we understand that packaging fills an essential role in modern supply chain logistics, securing and protecting goods that travel increasingly long distances between the manufacturer and customer.

The value of the transported goods is often high and if damaged or contaminated the value of these goods is a direct loss to the manufacturer, from both a financial perspective as well as from a reputational standpoint.

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14 rolls stacked up on top of each waiting to be processed, with one already on the machine.

Shrink & Non-Shrink Film

Keep your palletised products safe with our Shrink and Non-Shrink Pallet Covers, manufactured to BRC Global Standards to ensure you premium products.

Polythene Film & Sheeting

Whatever the size or shape of your products, package them safely and securely with our Lay Flat Tubing and Gusseted and Centrefold Tubing.

A sheet of plastic being processed on a roller stretching out the plastic
picture of plastic bin bag manufacturing

Dolav Liners

Using our high-strength DOLAV Liners prevents the risk of damaged goods and enables more efficient transportation for your food and drink products.

Furniture & Mattress Covers

Our protective furniture and mattress covers have been developed using the highest quality polythene.

Mattress covered in plastic packaging.