Protect Your Furniture in Transit With Our Furniture Covers

The process of transporting and storing furniture is a crucial element of any furniture producer and supplier’s business. The furniture you deliver to your customers should arrive in excellent condition, with no signs of a dusty warehouse, bad handling or instability during the drive to its final destination.

Although you may keep your storage units and lorries free from dirt and dust it’s easy for furniture to become damaged if not properly protected. Damaged or dirty goods result in a loss of profits, customer retention and trust, and it damages your brand image too.


How to protect your furniture with our furniture covers


Here’s a closer look at how exposed furniture can be detrimental to your business and how to successfully protect your products during transportation and storage.


Maintain your profit margin


If you’re consistently delivering furniture to customers or stockists then having insufficient protection can result damaged goods and a loss in sales. When your furniture is left uncovered in a warehouse, it collects dust and is exposed to the elements. This dust and dirt can force its way deep into upholstery. It’s also possible for debris to scratch the surface of furniture, causing permanent damage. This is especially true when in transit, as the item may knock into other pieces inside the lorry and rub up against fabrics.

Exposing products to dust and dirt may result in you having to replace them before they can be sold, or offering discounts or refunds to customers. Either way, you’ll be eating into your profits, simply due to the inappropriate protection of your goods.


Customer satisfaction


It goes without saying that customer satisfaction is the key priority when selling a product. Without this, your business can’t survive, especially in the current climate where internet and social media reviews ensure transparency in your business and customer service. It can only takes one or two bad reviews to put a potential client off, resulting in them shopping elsewhere.

When a customer purchases a large item such as a piece of furniture, they don’t expect to receive it with any defects, unless agreed before completion of the sale. If you deliver the item uncovered, it will be apparent that the item has been open to dust, dirt, pollution, possible bumps and rough handling.

Selecting a piece of furniture is a very personal, and expensive, experience. The furniture should feel new when it arrives, ensuring the customer is happy.


Brand image


For a brand to develop and grow in today’s market, brand image is everything. The competition of furniture brands is extensive, ranging from historical family businesses to international mass-market products. Being committed to delivering high-quality furniture is a key feature in a customer’s decision to buy into your brand.

By storing and transporting your furniture successfully, without compromising its aesthetics, you’re making a promise to your customer. You can use this as a sales tool on your website, catalogues and in store. Promoting your level of standards will strengthen your brand image and lead to a rise in profits and customer loyalty.


Polythene mattress and furniture covers


Sofas, mattresses and other large pieces are high-ticket items that are an important part of everyday comfort for your customer. Polythene mattress and furniture covers are a perfect solution for storage and transportation.

They are available in a range of standard sizes for mattresses, sofas and chairs. However, at Marpak we also offer a special bespoke service to suit your specific requirements.

Investing in Polythene covers will give you peace of mind and keep your supply of furniture clean, free from damage and in its correct condition. When the items are unloaded and taken into your customers’ homes, they’ll receive the right impression of your brand.

Marpak Extrusions manufacture and supply furniture covers as well as polythene film, sheeting and pallet covers to thousands of suppliers across the UK. For further information on our range of furniture covers or to place an order, contact us online today.

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