10 Tips to Help Increase Employee Motivation in the Warehouse

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Everyone responds well to appreciation, encouragement, guidance and respect. Your employees are no exception.

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Whatever the nature of your business, a conscientious and enthusiastic team of employees is vital for your ongoing success. Following a few common sense guidelines will help to keep staff happy and motivated. This can be beneficial for both your employee and the company.

1. Begin with the training

Get new employees off to a good start with thorough training. Encourage them to ask questions and ensure they’re supported if they have difficulties. Ongoing training should always be part of the routine. This gives everyone the chance to brush up on existing skills, resolve uncertainties and prevent bad habits from setting in. Staff will be confident and motivated and the business will run more smoothly as a result.

2. Automate the workplace

Wherever possible use the latest automation methods. Time spent walking round the warehouse locating bins and the correct computer terminals is wasteful, inefficient and tedious. Mobile workstations, hand-held tablets and automated bins will reduce the time taken to complete tasks. Staff will be more productive and it makes their daily routine more rewarding.

3. Create a safe and productive environment

Never underestimate the impact of a badly thought-out workplace. Cramped and dirty areas are depressing places to spend a shift and can be dangerous if machinery is involved. This hardly encourages staff to give it their best effort or indeed to stay around for long. Clean, well-lit areas are more cheerful and safer. People must know that their safety and wellbeing is important to the company.

4. Consider flexible working

Shift work plays a large part in the running of your warehouse. People’s preferences will vary and it won’t be possible to please everyone, but careful and considerate planning will ensure no one is stuck with the unpopular shifts for long. Support this further by operating a shift swap system to give more flexibility and choice with working hours. Staff will greatly appreciate the freedom to manage their work schedule.

5. Encourage responsibility

Even diligent staff will struggle to maintain their focus if they’re stuck in the same role for years. Employees need the chance to experience new jobs and take on more responsibility. Involvement in training new recruits or planning a big project for example will make people feel valued and more involved with the business.

6. Implement staff reviews

Regular reviews ensure everyone is fulfilling their full potential and identify any problems. By encouraging feedback you’ll learn more about your colleagues and may well spot other areas of the business where they are better suited. If your people enjoy what they do they’ll be more efficient and motivated, so use this process to get everyone in the right place. They’ll be happy and the business will benefit as well.

7. Offer incentives

Financial incentives for meeting targets are a great way to encourage productivity and provide a big boost for everyone. When extra money isn’t feasible there are other ways to reward good work. A surprise lunch or cake on someone’s birthday will go a long way to showing appreciation and fostering good will. A simple thank you from a manager or colleague makes people feel their contribution is valued.

8. Opportunities for progress

Many people would like the opportunity to learn new skills and progress through the company. Working with staff to understand their goals and helping them with a career plan will encourage them to fully engage with the process and they’ll reward your support with diligence and dedication.

9. Share the company goal

Everyone is an integral part of the process. Management should keep all staff informed of company goals and progress on new projects. If times are hard be as honest as you can and work with your team to make improvements. If they understand their input is valuable they’ll be motivated to give it their best effort.

10. Keep everyone informed

Economic fluctuations can lead to a host of changes that directly affect the staff, from shift patterns, wages and bonuses to the purchase of new equipment and the implementation of new projects. Details of these issues should be shared with employees to avoid confusion and dissatisfaction. If people are kept informed they’re far more likely to rise to the challenge in a positive way.

Everyone responds well to appreciation, encouragement, guidance and respect. Your employees are no exception. Time and effort devoted to your workplace relationships creates happy, motivated and productive staff – vital ingredients to keep your business on top.

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