Extrusion Manufacturers Look To Innovation To Open Up New Markets

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Companies producing extruded products are increasingly looking at ways in which they can innovate and position themselves to attack new markets.

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Companies producing extruded products are increasingly looking at ways in which they can innovate and position themselves to attack new markets.

“In this highly competitive sector it is important to differentiate yourself as a brand and be proactive within more demanding market conditions,” says Richard Gibson, managing director of Yorkshire-based Marpak Extrusions.

The Leeds polythene extrusion and conversion company has set up a sister firm, Talos Packaging Systems, to act as a turnkey business providing manufacturers with a range of services for their end-of-line packaging requirements in the UK and Europe. It will source machine parts, refurbish used equipment and offer full project management relating to the commissioning of new industrial plants.

Gibson says: “Talos Packaging Systems was founded due to ongoing services we have been providing through Marpak for some time. It is a natural progression from the supply of film. We have long term relationships with leading manufacturers and customers who require end-of-line machinery and equipment. It was just a matter of time before we decided to match these elements together and establish the service as a stand-alone business.”

Marpak is aiming to expand into new markets. Gibson says: “At the moment we are focusing on sales in a number of areas; we have recently added to our sales team in order to move the business forward and fill the remaining capacity of our new manufacturing plant. Although we do specialise in pallet protection for the glass and food and beverage industry, our new site and the increased capacity will enable us to explore new avenues.”

Gibson adds that Marpak is big in the development of new products: “We work closely with Total Petrochemicals, our technical advisors. When they have a new product on the market we are usually one of the first to trial it. Due to our close relationship with our customers, who are always willing to try the new products, we stay at the forefront of a very competitive market.”

Talos is UK agent for Manuli Packaging, a producer of high performance stretch film, and the Aetna Group, a machine and equipment manufacturer. Talos recently started working in partnership with Denmark shrink wrapping machinery maker Lachenmeier.

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Investing in the film industry

Marpak Extrusions recently expanded with a new factory site in Leeds, investing around £2 million in its infrastructure and equipment.

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