How Can You Improve Your Company’s Carbon Credentials?

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Marpak Green considerably enhances your green credentials and helps you to comply with environmental legislation.

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Simple ways to improve your carbon credentials

There are many compelling reasons why businesses decide to address their carbon credentials. Every company in the UK needs to fulfil legal responsibilities concerning the environment. For example, firms must use recyclable or recoverable packaging materials and dispose of waste safely. They must pay the Climate Change Levy on energy consumption and Landfill Tax.  Publicly held companies must report greenhouse gas emissions, while the government encourages others to follow suit.

Driving corporate sustainability also has straight-up benefits. Sustainable businesses can enjoy tax relief and save money on energy bills. They make more efficient use of resources, impress stakeholders, and enhance their reputation.

As a result, the case for companies to minimise their impact on the environment is clear. What’s less obvious is the best way to put a commitment to being “green” into practice. That’s why we’ve put together the following advice about how you can boost your company’s carbon credentials and reap the rewards.

Top tips for driving corporate sustainability

Becoming a sustainable business requires careful planning and decisive action.

  • Familiarise yourself with current environmental legislation (the details about waste and environmental impact on the government’s website are a good place to start).
  • Ask trusted employees to monitor for changes to the law, in order to ensure continued compliance and strengthen their commitment to the cause.
  • Some companies are subject to industry-specific environmental obligations in addition to general rules and regulations. If you’d welcome specialist support tailored to your activities, why not employ an environmental consultancy firm?
  • You could create an open-plan working area to avoid wasting energy – and money – on keeping numerous rooms warm and well lit.
  • Ask staff to switch off electrical equipment when it’s not in use.

Another top tip for improving your carbon credentials is to enhance your firm’s image by telling customers about your eco-friendly stance. Spreading the word about your commitment to protecting the planet gives you more incentive to stick to it!

Check your suppliers’ environmental standards

When you want to be recognised as a green sustainable business, it’s worth ensuring that your supplies come from firms that are similarly committed to environmental protection.

  • Are there any suppliers offering more sustainable, greener alternatives to chemicals used in your production processes?
  • Are your existing suppliers championing corporate sustainability, or have they been involved in environmental scandals?
  • Could you source produce for your company’s cafeteria from local farmers?

Take advantage of technology to optimise journeys

Whether you own a few company cars or a fleet of HGVs, you’ll find that fuel costs soon add up and vehicle emissions wreak havoc on the environment. With the aid of route-planning software however, you can save money, avoid making unnecessary journeys, distribute goods more efficiently, and reduce your carbon footprint. The software is a wise investment for any firm that aims to be green when on-the-move.

When you’re looking to replace your company’s vehicles with newer models, consider upgrading to cutting-edge, green versions. For example, electric vans are now available from big-name brands including Nissan and Renault. Eco-friendly vehicles bearing your company’s logo are tangible signs of your green credentials.

Switch to sustainably-sourced packaging

Packaging materials such as polythene are indispensable when producing, transporting and storing goods. However, conventional polythene relies on non-renewable, carbon-based resources and contributes to the greenhouse effect, which makes it unsuitable for businesses that want to become more eco-friendly.

Thankfully, help is at hand in the form of Marpak Green, our groundbreaking range of sustainably sourced polythene. Marpak Green is light, durable and versatile, just like conventional polythene, but it doesn’t pose the environmental risks. It’s made from a renewable resource (i.e. sugarcane ethanol) and fully recyclable.

Marpak Green considerably enhances your green credentials and helps you to comply with environmental legislation. Moreover, switching to sustainably sourced polythene ensures that your firm isn’t reliant on dwindling resources.

Leading supplier of polythene packaging

At Marpak Extrusions, we’re proud to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high-quality, extruded polythene packaging products. Our products, which are all available in Marpak Green eco-friendly polythene, include pallet covers, food-grade liners, shrink films and much more.

We take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously. With Marpak Green, you can too, boosting your carbon credentials for a more efficient and sustainable business.

To find out how Marpak Green can improve your company’s carbon credentials, call us today on 0843 289 0273 or contact us online.

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