How Polythene Products Can Help Protect Your Warehouse Goods

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Polythene is a remarkably versatile product, and the development of better polythene materials over the years has revolutionised the way that we package products and protect valuable goods.

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How Polythene Products Can Help Protect Your Warehouse Goods


Warehouse Safety & Warehouse Goods Protection

Polythene is a remarkably versatile product, and the development of better polythene materials over the years has revolutionised the way that we package products and protect valuable goods. Whether you are looking to protect pallets during transit or if you wish to keep goods safe whilst in storage at the warehouse, polythene wrap can provide the best solution on the market.

The strength of polythene as a wrapping product makes it perfect from the perspective of safety, too. Government regulations ensure that the products on the market are strictly tested for quality. Increased environmental responsibility within the industry has also made many polythene-based products more efficient for businesses and better for the planet.

Different Types of Pallet Protection

There are a number of different pallet protection options on the market, and each has its merits for a particular purpose.

Shrink covers are particularly good for palletised goods, as they offer superior load stability. With the application of heat, shrink wrap forms an extremely tight and strong film, protecting your goods from the elements during transit and in storage. Another form of pallet protection is non-shrink. Non-shrink covers are remarkably easy to use, and require no machinery to apply them. Particularly relevant for outdoor working areas, non-shrink covers protect your pallets from dust or dirt, as well as from wind and rain.

For protecting unusually-shaped items, a solution such as Lay Flat Tubing (LFT) is ideal. LFT is widely used in workplaces such as factories and warehouses, allowing the user to package different individual objects using the same roll of tubing. Again, this is a useful way to package your goods without the need for machinery, as you can cut to the length that you need and use staples, tape, or tie to complete it.

*Note: See our range of wraps, films, and sheeting.

Marpak’s pallet covers are manufactured to BRC packaging standards and undergo stringent testing to ensure only premium products are being offered to our customers.

Warehouse Safety

Fortunately, safety regulations for warehouses have improved drastically in the last few years.

According to the HSE (Health & Safety Executive), there are a number of typical causes of accidents in the warehouse or distribution centre. These are narrowly defined as; slips and trips, manual handling, working at height, vehicles around the premises, and moving or falling objects. Over recent years there has been an initiative to combat these issues, and many directives issued to employers to prevent accidents in the workplace.

The comprehensive wrapping of products that are being lifted through the warehouse and onto transit vehicles ensures that they are fully secure. With regards to pallets, if there are multiple boxes or containers being transferred, it is essential to keep them from toppling, and effective shrink protection stabilises the load.

Combined with a well-planned racking and storage system and regular checking of the pallets themselves, your palletised goods should be safe and secure, preventing worker injury and loss of goods.

Improving Logistics

As well as the safety within warehouses and the increased capacity to protect goods with wrapping and packaging, there has been a drastic improvement in multi-national trade and logistics. The development of the International E-Road Network and the spread of High Speed Rail across the European mainland have ensured that businesses are able to transport goods further with much more efficiency and reliability.

Without adequate protection to goods during transit, this transportation of high-value items across vast oceans and huge continents would not be possible. At the heart of global trade is the technology behind its process. This is why constant research and improvement of the methods is necessary, and at Marpak we are always evaluating where we can improve our products for clients.

For more information about the pallet protection products that we offer at Marpak Extrusions, get in touch by calling 0113 277 5518. You can also contact us online today.

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