How to Protect Glass Goods in Transit

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As a manufacturer or distributor of glass items, you understand the need for keeping your delicate, potentially dangerous, glass products secure. But what is the best way to achieve this?

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How to protect glass goods in transit and storage

As a manufacturer or distributor of glass items, you understand the need for keeping your delicate, potentially dangerous, glass products secure. But what is the best way to achieve this?

Find out how to protect glass goods in transit and storage with our industry advice.

Choosing packing and padding materials

Before packing your items, make sure you have selected the best materials for packing and padding your item. Avoid using materials like clothing, blankets, towels or newspapers. Choose purpose-designed materials that are best suited to protect your glass items.

Materials recommended for packing spaces or filling voids in transit include the following:

  • Crumpled Kraft paper
  • Air bags (inflatable packaging)
  • Packing peanuts (expanded polystyrene)

Other packing materials that are particularly suited for padding or cushioning your items during travel include bubble wrap (air-encapsulated plastic), engineered foam enclosures or foam bags, and secure pallet covers.

1. How to wrap glass items

Start by wrapping each item separately. If you are packing open-glass items like a tumbler or wine glass, make sure to fill any inside space with packing peanuts, shredded paper or airbags. If your glass item has any areas that stick out or are extra fragile, use bubble wrap or wrapping paper to carefully wrap these areas and secure with tape.

Using a good padding material, such as bubble wrap or foam sheets, wrap the whole item thoroughly, using layers as necessary. There should be no exposed glass and you shouldn’t be able to touch the glass with your fingers at all.

Secure the wrapping well with tape.

2. Sending more than one glass item in a box

If you are sending more than one glass item in a box, it is a good idea to tape both items together. This will not only prevent your glass items moving in transit but will also prevent one of them shifting to break the other.

Wrap each item separately and then tape them together. Wrap the outside of both attached items with padding material such as bubble wrap.

3. Choosing and preparing your shipping box

Look for a strong and sturdy box for shipping your items. Make sure the box is large enough to accommodate at least three inches of packing material around the objects you are planning to send.

Then using a strong packing tape, making sure to tape down the centre of the box and the side edges. This will not only help to strengthen your box but also stop the sides popping open during transit.

4. Packing the box effectively

Start by stuffing the bottom corners of the box with newspaper, wrapping paper or bubble wrap and then place a layer of packing material on the box bottom.

Next, place your item or items on top of the layer. Check that you will have enough room at the top and sides of the box to use packing material to fill in the corners, and pad the sides and top.

Now use packing materials to fill the space around your item completely, by stuffing the area as tightly as possible – you are aiming a nice snug fit. You can use one type of packing material, or a combination including shredded paper, plastic air pockets, and foam packing.

The aim is to completely fill all space and provide a secure cushion around your item. Remember to tape the top of your box along the centre, and don’t forget to prevent the side of the box popping in transit by taping along the top corners and sides.

5. How to protect glass goods in transit: Insurance

Finally, even items that are wrapped securely and properly will occasionally get broken in transit as a result of handling by your shippers. It is therefore a good idea to take out insurance offered by the shipper when posting or moving glass items – just in case!

Follow the above packing tips and keep your glass items safe in transit.

At Marpak we’re specialists in producing polythene sheeting which can help keep your glass safe from breakages. For more information about how to protect glass goods in transit, call 0113 277 5518 or contact us online. 

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