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What makes Marpak Green special is that it’s produced from a renewable resource – sugarcane ethanol – and performs to the same standard as traditional polythene.

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Lightweight, strong and tremendously versatile, polythene is indispensable to businesses in industries as diverse as food production and glass manufacturing. It plays a key role in the storage and transportation of goods. For instance, pallet covers made of polythene are a common sight in factories and warehouses.

Polythene helps to protect products against damage, the effects of poor weather conditions, spoilage and theft. Because it weighs very little and isn’t at all bulky or heavy, polythene enables businesses to make more efficient use of space and reduce distribution costs.

Environmental challenges with polythene packaging

The conventional production process depends on increasingly scarce, non-renewable, carbon-based resources known as fossil fuels. It contributes to the greenhouse effect, which is wreaking havoc on the world’s ecosystems. In addition, traditional polythene products have long been clogging up landfill sites and endangering wildlife.

Undoubtedly, traditional polythene poses considerable challenges to the modern commercial and industrial sectors. Any business that’s over-reliant on it will have a sizeable carbon footprint, may struggle to comply with environmental legislation, and risks earning a poor track record in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Neither stakeholders nor customers are likely to look favourably on a firm in that position, which could severely undermine the firm’s financial health and prospects.

Marpak Green: eco-friendly, sustainable polythene

The reality is that a company’s prosperity is closely linked to its ‘green’ credentials; environmental protection is an increasingly important business issue. Publicly held companies are now required by UK law to report on their greenhouse gas emissions, while all businesses need to consider the effects of their actions on the environment.
For many firms, that involves looking for an alternative to traditional polythene.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high-quality, extruded polythene products, we’re specialists in this field and committed to polythene research, development and innovation. What’s more, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. That’s why we’ve launched Marpak Green, our pioneering range of sustainable polythene. It enables your business to enjoy all of the advantages of polythene without the troubling environmental issues associated with the traditional version.

What makes Marpak Green special is that it’s produced from a renewable resource – sugarcane ethanol – and performs to the same standard as traditional polythene. That’s excellent news for businesses and excellent news for the environment.

Benefits for businesses, benefits for the environment

Marpak Green is ideal when you want to adopt sustainable business practices without compromising the quality of your products and services.

Marpak Green’s chief advantages include the following.

Ideal for all of your polythene requirements

Our full range of products can be manufactured from Marpak Green to the same high standard as if they were made from traditional polythene. Whatever products you require, from mattress covers to shrink films, you can rest assured that they’ll be made of high-quality, sustainable polythene. They’ll also be just as light, durable and strong as traditional polythene.

Reduces your carbon footprint

By switching to sustainably sourced Marpak Green, you can say goodbye to traditional polythene’s environmental risks and instead help to conserve fossil fuels for future generations while also reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduces your costs

Marpak Green is an excellent choice when you want to lower your costs and improve the efficiency of your supply chain, because polythene takes up far less room and is far more streamlined than other packaging materials.

Strengthens your eco-friendly reputation

The state of the environment affects everyone. Using Marpak Green is likely to enhance your eco-friendly reputation in the eyes of the people who matter the most to your business: your stakeholders and customers.

It’s fully recyclable

Rest assured that when your sustainable polythene products reach the end of their useful life, they can be fully recycled instead of littering the landscape.

Marpak: your first choice for plastic packaging

At Marpak Extrusions, our mission is clear: we aim to be the first choice for firms’ flexible, plastic packaging supplies throughout the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

Marpak Green highlights our commitment to remaining at the cutting-edge of the polythene industry. We can help you to minimise your running costs, as well as your carbon footprint, making it easy for you to tread softly on the natural world.

For more details about how Marpak Green can benefit your business, please call our team today on 0843 289 0273 or contact us online. 

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