Rejected recyclable waste up 84% in England over the past four years

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The volume of household waste rejected for recycling across England has risen by 84% since 2011, government figures reveal.

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Earlier this year, the BBC reported on the growing issue of rejected household recyclable waste. Going green is also a hot topic in the business world and something that companies can’t run away from. Consumers are increasingly seeking out actively eco-friendly suppliers, while businesses that haven’t adopted a plan of action will be considered less desirable than their counterparts.

Here’s a look at what some businesses are currently doing to reduce their environmental impact.

In the office

Alarmingly, around 12.5 million computers have been thrown into landfills over the past five years. Many other electrical devices are thrown straight into the bin, instead of being taken to a local recycling plant where it will be disposed of responsibly. Offices throughout the UK are still burning a high level of energy, dumping equipment into landfills, and buying cheaper non-green office supplies for everyday use.

Whether a small business that orders a modest amount of supplies, or a large building that receives pallets every week, there is always the option to choose green.

  • Try to buy from eco-friendly suppliers who use recycled materials.
  • You should also try and buy IT equipment that’s multi-functional. This way, instead of buying three separate machines to scan, copy and fax, you can buy one to do it all.

On the road

Many businesses have to keep vehicles on the road. There are always ways that the transportation of goods can adhere to a green ethos, however. Even if it’s a gradual implementation, changing methods to something more environmentally friendly can not only impress current clients but also potential customers.

  • Drivers are a vital part of the process as driving style has an impact on fuel costs and carbon footprint. It may be worth introducing additional training on best practices for reducing consumption. Business owners can even set up an incentive to ensure the training stays front of mind.
  • Keeping vehicles maintained and properly managed will increase their lifespan. A healthy vehicle is better for budgets and the environment.

Waste management

Businesses have a responsibility to the planet, especially those that go through a lot of waste. As time progresses, the government are cracking down on businesses that don’t recycle or manage their waste correctly.

While waste disposal is important, it is evident from the government’s latest figures that recycling is not foolproof. A more effective method of staying green is to reduce the amount of waste you have in the first place. If you can find ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle, you will help to reduce the amount of rubbish that ends up in UK landfills each year.

With every passing year, the message of being an eco-friendly nation becomes a little stronger. As more homes and businesses subscribe to a green ethos, it’s becoming unnecessary and unethical to ignore it.

Marpak Extrusions produces premium polythene film with a company focus on environmental needs. In addition to driving the reduction of waste, we actively offer alternative products that are completely eco-friendly. Using 100% renewable sugarcane ethanol, we’ve been able to produce an alternative to polythene that’s equally effective. This gives businesses the option to be as green as possible, which lowers their carbon footprint and sends out the right message to current and potential customers.

For more information on sustainable polythene, visit our website or contact us today on 0113 277 5518.

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