Supply Chain Optimisation Using Specialised Pallet Covers

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A reputable polythene supplier is crucial for guaranteeing the quality of your pallet wrap and the condition of your stock across your supply chain.

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Pallet Covers: protecting your products

Supply chain optimisation is complex but there is one simple way to see improvements. For almost any business involved in product manufacture, protecting your goods during transportation is a vital consideration.

When smaller items or goods are being shipped in bulk, one of the most effective ways of offering protection is through specially-designed pallet covers.


How do pallet covers protect your products?

A standard pallet cover consists of a protective plastic sheet designed to offer basic protection to the load whilst on the pallet.

  • The plastic sheet contains the products so that movement is minimal
  • Minimal movement means your products are less likely to crack or snap during transit
  • The plastic also helps to keep products dry and free from other potential contaminants
  • Some specialised pallet covers are tinted during manufacture, providing UV protection

Supply chain optimisation using pallet covers

The efficiency of your supply chain is directly linked to the security of your sellable goods.

Protecting your goods

Products that arrive unscathed are more likely to meet your customer’s quality expectations. This lessens the likelihood of receiving returns or requests for replacement stock.

Continued trade

This can also have a positive impact on your company’s reputation as trusted suppliers. Your customers are more likely to continue trade agreements if they can trust the quality of the products you dispatch.

Safe storage

Products that can be stored securely enable you to confidently stockpile products until they are needed. Goods are less likely to spoil and are more secure against the risk of pests.

More cost-effective manufacturing

When manufactured carefully, your pallet covers themselves can cut costs. Modern manufacturing methods and advances in polythene production enable increasingly thin, strong pallet cover with reduced manufacturing costs. This typically translates into lower acquisition costs for you.  

Which type of pallet cover should you use?

Marpak Extrusion’s Pallet Covers are designed to protect palletised goods whether for longer-term storage in a warehouse or during the transportation process. Our wraps are available in two main forms: shrink or non-shrink.

Shrink wrap

For many forms of shipping, especially where multiple items are stacked together or contamination is a risk, shrink wrap offers the most effective solution.

Shrink wrap pallet covers use heat application to mould them around the load, providing a tight-fitting cover that offers complete protection.

An added benefit of such covers is that where smaller boxes are loaded onto a pallet, a tightly-fitted shrink wrap also offers additional load stability, which is important for road, sea, or air transport.

Non-shrink covers

The non-shrink alternative fits the requirement for most other logistical conditions. It’s quick and easy to apply with no extra equipment required as with shrink-wrap applications.

Non-shrink covers still provide good protection from dust, dirt, and rain, making them a strong proposition for loads that are to be stored on construction sites or in warehouses for any length of time.

What should you look for when choosing pallet wrap?

reputable polythene supplier is crucial for guaranteeing the quality of your pallet wrap and the condition of your stock across your supply chain.

Our aim is simple: to provide the superior polythene to our customers’ specifications at prices they deserve.

  • All of our polythene pallet covers are manufactured to BRC packaging standards and undergo thorough testing in the factory before onward supply to the customer.
  • Our coverings are all readily available, formed from any one of several different polythene and film products in our range.
  • We also specialise in supplying environmentally friendly polythene packaging, with products such as Marpak Green representing a sustainably sourced alternative to traditional polythene.

With the obvious exception of the blue-tinted food grade covers, all of our pallet covers are available in any colour and can be printed with your company brandings, warnings or notices as required.

So whether you need UVI coverings to protect goods that may be exposed to bright sunlight for long periods, tinted films to provide visibility, or simple opaque covers, we can supply a pallet cover to suit your needs and improve your supply chain optimisation.

To find out more about how our pallet covers can improve your supply chain optimisation, get in touch with our friendly team on  0113 277 5518 or contact us online.

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