What Is Marpak Green?

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But what is Marpak Green? and why is it much better for the environment?

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As our company continues to grow we are searching for new, sustainable and environmentally friendly product options. One new product we are delighted to include in our range of film production is Marpak Green.

But what is Marpak Green? and why is it much better for the environment?

Marpak Green – A Brief Definition

This is a renewable sourced alternative to the traditional polythene products and it has received many awards worldwide for its eco-friendly features.

With global warming and greenhouse gases becoming more apparent and harmful, it was essential to find a product that minimises the impact on supply chain activities, and thus the environment.

This product is obtained from sugarcane ethanol, a renewable source, but still maintains the same performance qualities as the traditional polythene materials.

The Life Cycle Of Marpak Green

There are 6 main stages that Marpak Green goes through to become the greener alternative.

Sugarcane – The sugarcane crop metabolizes the CO2 and as a result produces sucrose.

Ethanol CH3 – CH2OH – At the distillery, the sucrose is fermented and distilled to produce ethanol.

Ethylene CH2 = CH2 – Through the dehydration, the ethanol is transformed into ethylene.

Green PE [CH2 = CH2] – The ethylene is polymerized in shared polyethylene production unities.

Carbon Capture – The green polyethylene is transformed in final products by the same existing processes and machinery for fossil PE.

Recycling – The green polyethylene is recyclable in the same chain established for fossil PE (mechanical / incineration)

Ultimately, the life cycle means that Marpak Green is fully recyclable and the process means a reduction in CO2 emissions which is vital as they reached a record high in 2013.

For more information on Marpak Green and how it can help your business, get in touch with us by calling 0113 277 5518 or contact us online.

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Investing in the film industry

Marpak Extrusions recently expanded with a new factory site in Leeds, investing around £2 million in its infrastructure and equipment.

the company logo, marpak extrusions
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