Marpak Green: The Importance Of Sustainable Pallet Covers

Why should you use sustainable pallet covers?

Sustainable pallet covers can improve your carbon footprint and reduce your overall costs.

Traditional polythene is the most widely produced type of plastic available. However, it is also widely known as a material that’s bad for the environment. Research for ‘The New Plastics Economy: rethinking the future of plastics’ estimates that only 5% of plastic packaging is recycled globally, compared to 40% that is deposited in landfills.

Eco-friendly polythene provides a solution to this problem, giving your business a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to traditional plastics.

Why is traditional polythene so bad for the environment?

Traditional polythene is made from fossil fuels like natural gas and oil. These resources are in limited supply. They are also incredibly damaging to the environment.

Polythene is recyclable but this process takes time and costs money. Even with restrictions in place, millions of tonnes of plastic still ends up in landfill sites. Excess plastic in the environment is also damaging to ecosystems and wildlife.

As a result of the sheer volume of waste polythene produced in industry, businesses have a responsibility to consider greener choices so as not to contribute further to this growing problem.

Find out how our innovative eco-friendly pallet covers can reduce your business costs.

Your alternative: sustainable pallet covers

Sustainable polythene, or bio-polythene as it’s sometimes called, is good for the environment on two levels.

Firstly, it saves fossil fuels by providing an alternative to their use.

Secondly, as a plant derivative, bio-polythene actually draws in carbon dioxide during crop growth, meaning it helps to combat excess carbon dioxide in the environment.

Sustainable polythene also provides business benefits.

Reduce your costs with Marpak Green

Through a commitment to creating a more sustainable material to replace traditional polythene, Marpak Extrusions developed a unique new material called Marpak Green.

  • Made from sugarcane ethanol, Marpak Green is 100% recyclable.
  • Providing the same qualities and capabilities as traditional polythene, it meets your business’ operational requirements while reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Strong yet flexible, it can be used as a replacement for any polythene product.
  • Due to its streamlined nature, it takes up less room than other packaging materials, further lowering your overall costs.

Being the market leader of high quality polythene, Marpak Extrusions is committed to producing sustainable pallet covers for sustainable business solutions.

Our eco-friendly pallet covers further these values, so businesses can become greener in their practices to meet legislation and their responsibilities as producers of industrial waste.

Marpak Green is an award-winning product designed to meet the needs of businesses that want to minimise running costs and maintain a good reputation for caring about the environment.

For more details about how our eco-friendly pallet covers can benefit your business, please call our team today on 0843 289 0273 or contact us online

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