Why Should You Switch Your Polythene To Marpak Green?

Choose Marpak Green for sustainable polythene

For virtually every branch of the manufacturing industry today, packaging is one of the most vital resources. It goes almost unnoticed and is usually quickly disposed of, but it protects the quality of everything you produce, from factory to your customers’ hands. As a result, it’s something that requires serious consideration.

One of the products you’re most likely to use is polythene. It was the Imperial Chemical Industries who recognised polythene’s real potential in the 1930s and it was they who developed it into the packaging material that’s been an ever-present feature of our landscape ever since. However in the late 20th century we began to view polythene differently.


What’s wrong with Polythene?


As environmental awareness has increased, our perspectives of polythene have changed. The reason for this is twofold: conventionally, polythene is made from nonrenewable fossil fuels like oil and natural gas. It’s also non-biodegradable, and with little being recycled, our landfill sites are getting filled up with unsightly and dangerous waste.

The good news is that there are alternatives. Marpak Extrusions are leading the way with our sustainable polythene range. Formed from an innovative alcohol-based polymer, grown and harvested from sugar cane and wheat, these 100% renewable polymers represent green alternatives to traditional polythene.


What is Marpak Green?


Instead of wasting precious fossil fuels for something as ephemeral as packaging, Marpak Green is obtained from renewable sugarcane ethanol, yet still maintains the same performance qualities of strength and durability as the standard polythene products.

Business benefits

The eco-friendly features of Marpak Green are already recognised internationally. It’s seen as an effective means for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce costs and improve supply chain efficiency as well as providing them with a much healthier relationship with environmentally concerned consumers.

Green credentials

With sustainability now a high priority among the public, there’s been a drive to minimise the damage done by packaging. We’ve seen levies introduced on plastic bags and reusable “bags for life”, but these, like many of the alternatives such as cotton bags, are little better, each doing damage at some stage in their life.

  • Bio-polythene is manufactured without burning fossil fuels, so it doesn’t contribute carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • The process of growing the crops that are used in its production actually captures atmospheric carbon representing a double benefit for the environment.
  • So whilst not only reducing the problems of carbon emission, bio-polythene also constitutes a potential solution to the same problem.

Even better is that the whole range of Marpak products can be manufactured to the same high quality using Marpak Green, so there’s no excuse for using more damaging products.

Indeed, if your company is concerned with its public image, Marpak Green is fully recyclable and sustainably sourced, allowing you to increase your green credentials whatever industry you’re operating in.

About Marpak


Marpak is a market leader in UK premium polythene film industry. Operating from our base in Leeds for over thirty years we’re experts in assessing packaging needs and offering bespoke solutions.

As a leading supplier of premium grade extruded products for pallet protection we have increasingly begun to specialise in environment friendly polythene substitutes and now boast that our whole range of shrink film, pallet covers and hoods as well as machine stretch polythene film are available in eco-friendly formats.

For more information about our sustainable polythene or to find out how we can help you to re-evaluate your packaging needs, call Marpak on 0843 289 0273 or contact us online.

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