How to Maximise Your Supply Chain Efficiency

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Efficiency, cost-effectiveness and a quality end product are all important links in your supply chain.

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Efficiency, cost-effectiveness and a quality end product are all important links in your supply chain. There are many elements to be considered in attempting to create a supply chain network that runs smoothly. Ultimately you need to efficiency in every aspect of your operations.

No individual component is more important than another. Every aspect of the chain needs to work within your chosen model. Here are a few steps to ensure your supply chain fully optimised.

Assess and train your employees

Your employees can make or break a supply chain. You need to ensure you’ve got the right people in the right places. Be sure to regularly assess the performance of your staff and have them deployed in positions that suit their strengths as individuals. It may seem like an obvious point to make, but many companies don’t put the time into ensuring their staff are properly educated, trained and developed.

Invest in modern technology

You should fully assess your situation in terms of any errors or deficiencies you may have at present. Search for modern technology that fits your business’s requirements, this way you’re fixing a problem with technology, rather than buying technology that means you have to change the way you work. Technology should always be a benefit, not a hindrance.

Build a relationship with suppliers

You and your supplier are both looking for cost-effective, efficient ways to create a successful business. Work with your suppliers and keep a continuous line of communication. Be open and approachable. Identify those people from your suppliers who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that you may be able to draw upon.

Review inventory levels

It’s imperative to be organised and keep a firm grasp on the levels of stock and inventory you hold. Forecast what inventory you’re going to need and be realistic. A misunderstanding in this area can cause you unnecessary costs.

Be prepared for risk

Risk assessment is essential if you want to respond in an effective manner when complications arise. You don’t want to be caught out and react without proper consideration.

It’s not enough to assess this once and hope you the situation never arises. You should schedule in quarterly assessments of the risk management strategy. Ask yourself if they’re still relevant and make adjustments where needed. This could be the difference to detrimental financial impact and re-occurring risks.

Secure plastics for transportation

After the hard work that goes into all elements of the supply chain, make sure the packaging and transportation of the goods are as efficient. Use quality, effective plastic packaging that will give you peace of mind for secure delivery.

When selecting your packaging company you should ensure that they offer choices that have been fully tested and have an excellent reputation. At Marpak Extrusions we take customer service incredibly seriously and pride ourselves on our reputation. We stock pallet covers, polythene sheeting and food grade liners and can help ensure your products remain in excellent condition throughout transportation. For more information about our product range, click here.

Go green

Today, businesses are starting to take action against global warming and are implementing new CSR initiatives into their operations. Taking a greener approach is especially important for businesses that deal with waste, packaging and manufacturing of physical products.

Customers and the general public want to know they’re buying from a responsible company. This doesn’t just mean the materials used to make the product they’re buying, but the process it’s taken to reach its end destination.

If you don’t already have a green initiative in place, now is the time to do it. Show your customers that you are actively trying to reduce your carbon footprint, it will not only benefit the environment but also your company image and reputation.

Marpak Green

This new and innovative product is made entirely from renewable sugarcane ethanol whilst still maintaining the same qualities as traditional polythene packaging. This product can significantly help your business reduce its carbon footprint whilst also improving your supply chain efficiency. To find out more about this greener alternative, click here. 

An efficient supply chain takes a lot of hard work, planning, detailed management and great communication skills. If you want a company you can trust to transport your goods, get in touch with Marpak today to discuss your requirements.

You can call our team today on 0113 277 5518 or contact us online.

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