Product Feature: Shrink And Non Shrink Pallet Covers

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Supply chains involve lengthy transportation and storage processes, making goods protection vital.

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Supply chains involve lengthy transportation and storage processes, making goods protection vital. Without proper protection, products can become compromised along the supply chain journey, leading to damaged or unsellable goods, loss of brand faith and potentially costly returns.

Pallet covers are the industry go-to for securing products during this process. Let’s look at the two main kinds available in this product spotlight: shrink and non shrink pallet covers.

Product spotlight: Shrink Pallet Covers

As the name suggests, shrink pallet covers contract when heated to completely seal and protect a pallet. This offers comprehensive protection to covered products, preventing water, dust and other contaminants from affecting the sealed goods.

A superior quality shrink pallet cover will remain structurally strong when heated and shrunk. A thin shrink pallet cover that retains its structural strength when heated is another indicator of a high quality shrink pallet cover.

Shrink pallet covers are most effective when used for long haul journeys when goods might otherwise become unsettled and risk breaking. Similarly, they are well suited to securing goods whose supply chain brings them into contact with adverse weather conditions, uneven terrain, or other external forces.

Product spotlight: Non Shrink Pallet Covers

Also known as dust covers, non shrink pallet covers are not heat-sealed around goods. This makes them much easier to apply, as they can be used manually, without the requirement of heat-treating machinery.

Non shrink pallet covers are ideal for fast-paced working environments like construction sites, warehouses and other industrial facilities, where goods need to be covered and uncovered quickly and frequently during use. While less comprehensive than shrink pallet covers, they are still able to offer protection against light rain, dust and various other external forces.

Marpak Extrusions

“Marpak aims to be the first choice in flexible plastic packaging in both UK and European markets. This will be achieved by maintaining strong relationships with clients and suppliers, providing optimum service levels and high quality products whilst also exercising due diligence towards Health and Safety and a conscious corporate social responsibility.”

Marpak Extrusions designs and manufacturers globally accredited polythene packaging for commercial and industrial use. All our pallet covers are manufactured to BRC packaging standards, tested stringently to ensure only premium products are being offered to our customers.

Our range of pallet covers are specifically designed to offer a high quality, economical way to protect all your palletised products, whether it is for storage purposes or protection during transportation.

Our range includes the following:

  • Shrink Covers:
  • Non Shrink Covers (dust covers)

All pallet covers are available gusseted or centrefold, and can be supplied either perforated on the roll or as singles. You can find out more about our range of pallet covers here.

Whether you’re in glass manufacturing or construction materials, the metals industry or food and food food ingredients, we offer the pallet covers you need to protect your goods, wherever they’re travelling. For globally approved polythene packaging, choose Marpak Extrusions.

To find out more about our product spotlight: shrink and non shrink pallet covers, call Marpak Extrusions today on 0113 277 5518 or contact us here. 

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