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Why Should You Switch Your Polythene To Marpak Green?

Marpak Extrusions are leading the way with our sustainable polythene range. Formed from an innovative alcohol-based polymer, grown and harvested from sugar cane and wheat, these 100% renewable polymers represent green alternatives to traditional polythene.

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Using Polythene to Protect Your Profits

Goods of any shape and size spend much of their life on a pallet between the factory and the store shelf. It’s essential the product in question is protected as much as possible from dangers such as moisture damage, abrasion, or theft.

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Food Quality Control: Dos and Don’ts

For food manufacturers and distributors, it’s a complicated process of ensuring constant food quality and control so their products arrive in fresh condition and are healthy and safe for their consumers. Following are some dos and don’ts to make sure your products arrive in an optimum state.

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